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Xbox One S Problems and Repairs

Xbox One S Problems and Repairs

While the Xbox One S is similar to the original Xbox One console, there are some things that are quite a but different. Like having the power supply built into the inside of the console.


Xbox One S Common Problems

Here are some of the more common problems with this console. 

  • Not reading discs. If you insert your disc into your Xbox One S and it goes in and you hear it spin up but it doesn't come up on the screen or it tells you that it can't read the disc then it may need a new laser. These blu ray drives also can have mechanical problems just like with the original Xbox One. 
  • HDMI port problems. While not as common as the original PS4, these consoles have HDMI ports that do break. It's hard to know for sure whether the ports are weak or if users of the console are hard on them by jamming the HDMI cable into it but there seems to be quite a few consoles out there with broken HDMI ports. Many times the consoles are dropped or fall from the desk they are sitting on right onto the HDMI cord which then pushes the cable back into the port and causes the port to come loose from the motherboard. The only way to fix this is to remove the old port and replace it with a new HDMI port. 
  • Hard drive issues. If you have error codes such as E201, E101, etc. these codes are often caused by a faulty or corrupted hard drive. Some other things that indicate possible hard drive issues are the green screen of death (the TV just shows the green startup screen), no display on the TV, games freezing, etc. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to replace hard drives on these consoles as it is on things like laptop computers. The system software has to be loaded onto the hard drive and unfortunately, that is not provided by Microsoft. 
  • Won't turn on. Sometimes an Xbox One S won't even turn on. Unlike the original Xbox One the Xbox One S has an internal power supply. This power supply can be the cause of not turning on but it could also be other things such as the power button, the RF board or even other components on the motherboard. 

    Can I Fix it Myself?

    The question we get a lot is "Is this something I can fix myself". The answer to that question is not simple. The only one who really knows the answer to that is yourself. You need to be honest with yourself and realistic with your skills and abilities. If you have some experience with electronics and disassembly then you could very well fix some of these issues yourself (like replacing the disc drive), but there are some problems that are very difficult to repair. Things like HDMI ports would be very difficult for anyone to fix who has no experience with electronic repair and microsoldering. 

    Our advice is to be honest and realistic with your skills and abilities and if you think you can handle it then be sure to use our Youtube videos to help. Below is one of my most popular videos trying to repair Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles.

    Additional Help

    We also recommend checking out our TronicsFix forum where you can find all sorts of posts from the community about Xbox One S problems and how to fix them.
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