Nintendo Switch Power and Charging Problems

by Theodore Wecker June 28, 2018

TronicsFix now offers Nintendo Switch repair! This blog post is the second in a series of short posts on common Nintendo Switch problems and what to do about them; that might mean a DIY fix or sending it in to us for a quick repair. This week we’re going to tackle common issues regarding the charging port and the console not turning on. Let’s jump right in…


Nintendo Switch Charging and Power Issues

Here are some of the most common problems regarding the Nintendo Switch’s charging port and common power issues:

  • Nintendo Switch won’t turn on or screen is blank: This is one of the most common issues with the console and can be the result of a couple of different things. The first thing to check is to make sure that the system’s battery is charged by leaving it in the dock for a while. If the console still won’t turn on, it may be frozen and will likely require a hard reset. You can hard reset your Switch by holding the power button down for 15-20 seconds. Once you have held the button down for the allotted time, wait 4-10 seconds for the console to shut down completely and try to restart the device. If it turns back on, that’s great! If not, that’s okay, keep on reading...

      Charging port won’t work: This issue seems to be caused by many possible conditions and I’m going to try to cover all of them right now.
      • Third-party docks: There are reports all over the internet of Nintendo Switches being damaged by the use of third-party docks causing charging ports to fail, or worse, bricking consoles. When in doubt, use official Nintendo accessories to charge your device to prevent any issues. Some 3rd-party docks seem to output the wrong voltage which can cause slow charging or brick the console. Many times a "bricked" console is actually just a console that has a faulty charge controller on the motherboard. This charge controller is a small chip on the motherboard that controls when and how the console charges. If this ic goes bad then the console will not charge even when the charge port is good.
      • Wrong charging cables: Nintendo also recently warned against the use of any 3rd-party USB charging cables. They have stated that use of any USB-C cable that isn’t the one included with the console, the pro controller, or the Joycon charging grip can result in permanent damage or a slower charging cycle.
      • External battery packs: The rise of portable battery packs has risen sharply in the last few years due to the increasingly heavy power demand of modern electronic devices. Many people have tried to charge the console with portable chargers only to find that the Switch doesn’t charge quickly or breaks completely. If you are insistent on using a battery pack, make sure that you are using a USB-C to USB-C charging cable and that your battery pack outputs the standard voltage and amps (5V-15V and 2.6A output by the official AC adapter) required by Switch chargers.
      • Resetting official Nintendo AC adapter: Nintendo recommends the following procedure if your Switch has a blank screen or won’t wake up from sleep mode: replace the Joycons into your Switch, unplug the AC adapter for at least 30 seconds, and plug the USB-C from the AC adapter directly into the Switch. If the screen still is blank, try hard resetting the console again.

      If you’re using the provided AC adapter or the official Nintendo Switch dock and they aren’t charging the Switch and none of this works, it’s likely that you will need a new dock, a new adapter, or a repair. Don’t worry! TronicsFix can diagnose your Switch’s problems and quickly repair the charging port on your system.


      DIY Charge Port Replacement

      If the charge port on your system is broken, which you can determine by looking inside and finding broken or twisted pins and the console won’t charge or turn on, there is a DIY fix to it. The fix will require soldering skills and a soldering station. If the word ‘soldering’ brings horror to your mind, you should think about sending your console in to have experts fix it for you. For the adventurous few, TronicsFix is going to give you a quick overview in this article. A more in-depth explanation is available on our YouTube channel.

      The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the back case of the Switch by taking out all of the screws holding it in place. The Switch’s motherboard must then be removed from the console. The motherboard is the where the charging port is located and, once the board is removed from the system, you can replace the broken charging port. Unfortunately, the charging port is soldered onto the motherboard and must be removed with a hot air soldering tool. Soldering flux must be added to all of the connection points before the broken charging port. Then you must carefully heat up the charging port connection points until you can gently pull up the broken charging port, being careful to not let the motherboard bubble from overheating. Now you can replace the broken port with a new one by slowly heating up the pins on the motherboard. Once the solder on the board is melted, you can quickly attach the new charging port onto the pins. Now that the charge port is installed correctly, you can replace the motherboard into the Nintendo Switch and re-attach the back cover on the console.

      This process is very advanced. If you don’t feel comfortable with soldering tools or opening up your Nintendo Switch console, it’s probably easier to let an expert do it for you.

      TronicsFix Repairs

      TronicsFix will help you get all of your Nintendo Switch power issues fixed right away! We offer free diagnosis and, for a nominal fee, charge port repair. Here at TronicsFix, we can help you get your favorite system back up-and-running like new. You needn’t worry about a faulty charging port not giving your system any juice anymore. There’s no need to buy a whole new Nintendo Switch when you can save some money and we can fix it quick!

      Wrap Up

      Hopefully, we helped illuminate some of the common charging port and power issues seen with Nintendo Switches. Now you should know what you can do about them and how to make sure you can keep using your console. Don’t forget to check out our Amazon store for all of your repair supply needs. Next time, we’ll be tackling another round of common Nintendo Switch issues and how to fix them yourselves or with a little bit of our help. Thanks for reading our new series and, once your console is all fixed up, don’t forget to keep playing!

      Nintendo Switch Charge Port Replacement Video

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      Theodore Wecker
      Theodore Wecker


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