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Your DIY Electronics Repair Resource
Your DIY Electronics Repair Resource


Q) How do I contact you?

A) That's easy! The easiest, fastest way is to use the form on our contact page.


Q) Do you still run a repair business?

A) No, in 2020 we ended our repair service business so we could focus our time on creating high-quality content for YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok. 


Q) Where can I watch your videos?

A) Here are all our official channels (all others with the name TronicsFix are copycats or scammers):





Q) Can I get advice on repairing my device?

A) You can find repair advice and ask questions about repair on our TronicsFix forum here: We have a great community on the forum that can provide a lot of help with your DIY repair questions.

Q) What if I need to find someone to repair my game console?

A) One of the repair technicians who worked with us as a contractor started his own game console repair business (current generation consoles). Shane with ShaneFix was trained by us and repaired game consoles for us for over a year before starting his own business. Shane is an excellent repair tech and has done a great job fixing hundreds of game consoles for us. We highly recommend ShaneFix for all your game console repair needs. Here's his website:


Q) Do you ever repair viewers' consoles for videos?

A) Yes, sometimes we will buy a viewer's broken console to repair on a video. If you're interested in selling your console (or computer) to us for a video contact us using the form on our contact page.