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PS4 Fan Replacement and Cleaning

PS4 Fan Replacement and Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that your fan is working overtime and being extra loud, or maybe it seems like it's just not working at all? Fans aren’t a common part that fails on the PS4 consoles (original, Pro, or Slim). However, if your fan is displaying the above symptoms, it may need to be replaced or at least cleaned.

This guide will help you diagnose your fan issues, figure out repair options, and help with the replacement or cleaning process.

Possible Fan Issues

Fans are necessary for circulating the air through game consoles, by drawing in cool air and pushing out the hot air, to help cool the internal components. PS4s without functioning fans are guaranteed to overheat and then shutdown. Three of the most common causes for this are a faulty fan, thermal paste issues, or a plugged heat sink. Of those three causes, here are two symptoms that you should pay attention for that signal a faulty fan:

  1. No noises from the vents: If you don't hear any noise from the console vents and your PS4 overheats, then it is likely that your fan is faulty.
  2. Little or no air from the back of the console: If there is little to no air coming from the back of the PS4 console and it overheats, then this is another sign that your fan is faulty or the heat sink is clogged.

You might be asking, what about when my PS4 fan gets incredibly loud? This is usually not a fan issue, but a ventilation issue in which accumulating dust or debris, usually in the heat sink, needs to be removed.

Dirty PS4 Fan

Fan Replacement

If your fan is faulty and no longer working then it will need to be replaced. If you want to replace your fan yourself there are online guides as well as tutorial videos to help you learn the replacement process. If you feel like you might not have all the skills or experience necessary to replace your fan, there are also repair shops that can replace your PS4 fan for you. Keep reading for more information on both.

DIY Fan Replacement

Luckily you won't be needing any soldering or other more advanced skills to replace the fan in your PS4. You will need to be careful to buy the correct fan for the model of PS4 you have, have a few tools to use to take your console apart to get to the fan, and, if you're new to taking your console apart, a step-by-step guide to follow.

Steve holding a PS4 fan

Different PS4 models have different fans so, if you’re looking for a replacement fan for your PS4, you need to make sure you know what model PS4 you have. You can find your PS4's model number on the bottom or back of your console. (If you still have the original packaging sometimes the model number can also be found there.) The model number is a series of letters and numbers that starts with the letters CUH. Typically the easiest place to buy a replacement fan is from an online retailer (like or where they usually cost between $22 - $33.

There are four main tools that are recommended for opening up your console to replace the fan: some Phillips screwdrivers, a Torx (TR8) security screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, and a spudger or opening tool. These typically cost around $5 each and can be bought both online and from local stores. Check the repair guide for your specific console to make sure you're using the correct sizes of screwdrivers. Using other sizes or types of screwdrivers may work for some screws but make sure not to damage or strip the screws.

Once you have the fan part and the necessary tools for your PS4, you'll want to find a good repair guide to help you with the process. The replacement process is fairly involved and there are several pieces that need to be disconnected and removed to get to the fan including the hard drive bracket, the power supply, the the motherboard (depending on your model of PS4). For the full, in-depth process, iFixit has detailed, step-by-step guides of how to open up and replace the fan in all models of PS4 game consoles here:

Repair Shop Fan Replacement

If you don’t want to replace your PS4 fan by yourself, there are plenty of places to get it done. Prices vary but most repair shops charge a minimum of $100 for a PS4 fan replacement. We suggest looking into local repair shops, but there are some good online repair services too.

If you’re not sure what to look for, or want a place to start, ShaneFix is a reputable repair shop to check out!. ShaneFix is a website run by Shane, who used to work as a contractor for TronicsFix repairing game consoles. He now runs his own business where you can send consoles that you need fixed. You can take look at his website:

How to Fix a Noisy Fan Yourself

If your issue is a noisy, overworking fan, the first thing to check is the ventilation. Start by making sure nothing is externally blocking the ventilation for your PS4, whether it’s pushed up against something or other controllers or systems are too close to the vents. You will also want to make sure that your PS4 is not inside of a drawer or a cabinet that would inhibit airflow.

PS4 with a dirty fan

Next, it's helpful to clean any dust or debris that could be clogging the external vents. Using a brush and a small vacuum to get rid of the debris is usually enough.

If your fan is still too loud, a deeper cleaning may be necessary to ensure your PS4 is circulating air properly. Opening up your console and cleaning out the fan and heat sink requires most of the same tools and follows a similar process to replacing the fan so you can use the above iFixit fan replacement guides to help you to take apart your PS4 for cleaning.

NOTE: While you're in there, be sure to check out the condition of your thermal paste and replace that as needed.

And check out our TronicsFix tutorial videos that detail how to clean each of the following PS4 game consoles:

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