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Your DIY Electronics Repair Resource
Your DIY Electronics Repair Resource

About Us

Meet the TronicsFix Team

Steve Porter photoSteve Porter

Video Creator
Business Strategist

Steve's passion for DIY repair started at a young age while growing up on the family ranch. He's always loved repair and business so starting his own electronics repair business, then YouTube channel, has been a fun, yet challenging, journey. Some of his favorite parts of his job include telling interesting stories around electronics repair, hearing from people that have been inspired by our work, and building the business into something bigger than himself. When not at work for the business, Steve enjoys hiking, working on his property, and hanging out with his family.

3 Fun Facts About Steve:

  • Has milked a cow
  • Loves bird watching
  • Has been pulled over 14 times with only 1 traffic ticket

Kirstyn Bahnmiller

Multimedia Specialist

With a great passion for the arts, Kirstyn decided to pursue a bachelor degree in Graphic Design which ultimately led her to her job here at TronicsFix. Her great eye for detail helps her edit videos, create YouTube thumbnails, write blog posts, and create merch for the TronicsFix store. When she's not working you can find her enjoying a cozy video game and playing with her pets.

3 Fun Facts About Kirstyn:

  • Loves to write poetry in her free time
  • Has had almost every kind of pet you can think of
  • Loves to travel and wants to live overseas someday

Robert Carlson photoRobert Carlson

Content Creator
Video Editor for Restorish

Whether it is rearranging the furniture in his house, detailing his car, or cleaning behind the case on his phone, Robert has always had a passion with rejuvenating the loved and familiar. Perfection is not his goal (see the “ish” in Restorish); he just loves bringing new life to the stagnant, cast out and under-appreciated.

3 Fun Facts About Robert:

  • Once hit a bear in the head with a stick (self defense)
  • Working with team TronicsFix represents a mid-life career change
  • Thumbs bend backwards (good luck unseeing that next time you watch one of his videos)

Jessica Porter photoJessica Porter

Video Editor
Digital Strategist

Jessica has loved the "magic" of the internet since before she can remember, but really found her passion for it during her first web design class in college. Since then, she's endeavored to help content creators share their messages with others which eventually lead to joining her husband, Steve, with running TronicsFix. When she's not working, she loves painting her nails, reading, and watching movies.

3 Fun Facts About Jessica:

  • Owns over 300 bottles of nail polish
  • First celebrity crush was Leonard Nimoy
  • Nickname on YouTube is "TronicsWife"
Seth Bio Photo

Seth Porter

Video Editor

Seth began working for TronicsFix cleaning handheld consoles and controllers and later learned how to take photos and create listings on eBay. His most recent work has been editing videos to be posted on Facebook. Seth enjoys playing video games, chess, and riding his bike.

3 Fun Facts About Seth:

  • Rating on is over 800
  • Favorite subject in school is recess
  • Is taller than his mom

A Brief TronicsFix History

TronicsFix was started in 2015 in Steve and Jessica’s garage. Jessica had a steady, full-time job while Steve stayed home with their young son. As he had time, Steve would buy broken electronics, repair them, and then sell them on eBay. Eventually, Steve had enough experience fixing game consoles that he started offering repair services for game consoles online.

Soon the game console repair business outgrew the garage and Steve leased a location nearby. As the business grew, Steve decided to make videos showing how to repair PlayStation 4 consoles and to upload those videos to YouTube. The TronicsFix YouTube channel grew slowly at first but grew faster the more videos Steve posted. By early 2020, Steve and Jessica couldn’t keep up with the demands of both the repair business and the YouTube channel. They decided to shut down the repair business and to focus on continuing to grow their YouTube channel, as well as starting to upload videos to Facebook and TikTok, and creating online repair courses.

Currently, TronicsFix has one of the largest audiences in the electronics repair niche and has helped thousands of people repair their own devices. As a company, we hope to continue to inspire repair, treat our world and the people in it with respect and care, and have plenty of fun along the way.

Jessica and Steve Porter