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Why Your PS5 Is Randomly Shutting Off

Why Your PS5 Is Randomly Shutting Off

Have you ever been playing a video game and you are right in the middle of something when your PS5 just shuts off? That is so annoying, but don’t worry because we may be able to help you figure out what is wrong.

We will give you some symptoms to watch out for and common reasons why they might be happening. There are also some simple DIY repairs you can try. We even have videos you can watch to help you solve this problem!

PS5 Shut Off Message on TV

Common Symptoms

Here are some things to look out for when your PS5 turns off.

  • It only shuts off when playing graphically intense games.
  • The PS5 feels very hot when you touch it.
  • The fan is very loud before the PS5 turns off.
  • There are performance issues with the PS5, like frame drops or graphical glitches.

Common Causes

There are many reasons that could be causing your PS5 to turn off while you are playing it. Once you know what things could possibly be wrong with it, you can follow our steps to troubleshoot the specific problem your console is having. First, here are the most common causes for why a PS5 turns off by itself.

    1. Your PS5 realizes it is overheating, so it may beep and send a message on the screen. It may also cause the PS5 to turn off. This is most likely because of a plugged heat sink, a non-functioning fan, or bad ventilation. The good news is that it isn't too difficult to disassemble the console to clean everything.
    2. Your PS5 is overheating but doesn’t realize it, so it can’t warn you by beeping or causing a message to appear. This is most likely caused by a clogged power supply or oxidized liquid metal on the APU (accelerated processing unit).
      PS5 with cover off
    3. There is an issue with the power supply. This could be from a problem with the cable or outlet that’s supplying power to the PS5. If your PS5 is not getting enough power, it may randomly turn off.
    4. There is a problem with your system’s software that is causing it to turn off.
    5. The HDMI Device Link is enabled and causing problems. If so, it can cause your PS5 to turn off.
    6. Rest mode can also cause issues with the PS5 shutting off. Disabling rest mode can sometimes fix the problem.
    7. The worst-case scenario is there is a problem with the hardware of the PS5. If none of the first 6 possible causes seem to be causing your PS5 to turn off unexpectedly, it is best to contact Sony customer support. Alternately, you could also hire a professional to repair the problem. We recommend trying out if you need additional help.

      Easy DIY Fixes to Try

      Sometimes the answer really is that easy. This is a list of simple fixes that can solve your problem.

      • It would be good to start off by checking the power cord. A common problem is the cord becoming loose, so just unplugging it and then making sure when you plug it back in it's fulling inserted can sometimes fix the issue. You should also check the cord for damage. If it looks good, wait a minute, then try plugging it back into the PS5. You can also try switching the outlet the PS5 is plugged into. If the cord does look damaged, you buy a new one. The PS5 uses an IEC C7 power cable like this one from Amazon (paid link): AC Power Cord Compatible with PS5
        If you are using a power strip, you should double check how much power it supplies. The PS5 draws a lot of power, and not all power strips can handle it. Here is a power strip we recommend that's available on Amazon (paid link): Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector
      • The next step is to check if the problem is a software issue. The easiest way to do that is to make sure your system is up to date. System updates are often released to try and fix problems users are having, so it is important to update your system. To do this, go to Settings > System Software > System Software Update and Settings. Then, select Update System Software. Next, select Update Using Internet, and finally, select Update.
      • The HDMI Device Link can sometimes be the culprit that causes your PS5 to shut off. It matches the power state of your PS5 to your TV which allows the PS5 to turn on when you turn on your TV. To disable it, go to Settings > System > HDMI. Then select HDMI Device Link by hitting the X button on your DualSense controller.
      • Rest mode is another feature that is known to inadvertently cause problems. To disable this, go to Settings > Systems > Power Saving. Select Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode, then change During Media Playback and While Playing Games to Don’t Put in Rest Mode.
      • There are many reasons your PS5 may be overheating. We recommend storing your PS5 off the floor and placing it horizontally. Also remove any clutter from around your PS5. Check the ventilation areas of the PS5 case. If anything is clogged, clean the area to get better airflow. Sony has designed the PS5 so you can clean the ventilation system without completely disassembling the console. We have a video in the next section of this post that will walk you through how to do that safely.
        Dirty PS5 Heatsink
      • Your heatsink can also get clogged, so you will want to check that out too.
      • If the liquid metal in your PS5 has oxidized, creating dry spots, it can lead to overheating issues. We have a video below that walks you through how to fix this problem so your system can cool down properly.

      How to Clean Your Console

      Here is a great video we have created to show you how to clean your console! You want to make sure that you are careful when disassembling it. When cleaning, you will want to find the fan and the heat sink. Both of those areas can get clogged and cause your PS5 to overheat.

      How to Respread Your Liquid Metal

      This video will walk you through respreading your liquid metal. If there are dry spots in the liquid metal your PS5 will overheat and turn off. You may need to periodically check and respread the liquid metal. This video will walk you through how to do it correctly so you don’t damage anything.

      TronicsFix YouTube video on How to Fix the PS5 Liquid Metal Problem

      Additional Resources

      If you are still not sure what to do, we highly recommend checking out Shanefix. They offer repair services for many types of consoles. We don’t want you to buy a new console unless you have to!

      Another great resource is the TronicsFix forum, which allows you to interact with a community of game console fixers, from beginners to more advanced. They can offer advice on how to fix your specific problem.


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