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How To Fix PS4 HDMI Port Issues

How To Fix PS4 HDMI Port Issues

It is a well-known fact in the gaming community that PS4 HDMI ports are a very weak point in the console, especially for the Original. These ports are integral to the system since it’s what you need to connect your console to the TV, so it’s unfortunate when it stops working correctly.

Thankfully, because this is such a common problem, there are many sources online to find help on how to fix your PS4’s HDMI port, including us here at TronicsFix! Here in this blog post we will tell you about the most common PS4 HDMI port problems as well as how to solve them.

PS4 HDMI Port on motherboard

PS4 Faulty HDMI Port Symptoms

It is usually pretty easy to tell if your console’s HDMI port is not working. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Your PS4 turns on, as well as the white light on the console, but there is no picture on the TV. It might say “no signal” or “no input”. This is known as the “White Light of Death”.
  • There is a distorted image on the TV, sometimes accompanied by distorted audio.
  • You see bent or broken pins inside the HDMI port.
  • The HDMI port itself is crooked, or looks like it’s been pushed in farther than it should be.

A symptom that is often misinterpreted as an HDMI problem is the “Blue Light of Death”, otherwise known as the “BLOD”. This is usually a more complex problem having to do with the APU on the motherboard. Here is one of our blog posts about the BLOD and how to fix it.

PS4 Faulty HDMI Causes

Those were some of the most common symptoms you can see when your HDMI port is broken and not working. Here are some causes of this issue:

Least Common Causes

  • Your PS4’s HDMI chip on the motherboard is faulty
  • Your PS4 has a software issue
  • Your TV’s HDMI port is faulty
  • Your HDMI cord is faulty

Most Common Causes

  • Your PS4’s HDMI port has broken or bent pins inside
  • Your PS4’s HDMI port has pins that have been pushed out the back

So now that you know what the common causes are for HDMI problems, you might be wondering how to diagnose and fix it. We would suggest you try the easy DIY fixes below before you attempt to replace the port yourself, or even before you spend money for a repair service to fix it. You might be surprised how some of these easy fixes might just solve your problem!

PS4 Slim Console back showing ports

Easy DIY Fixes To Try

Here are some easy solutions that we suggest you try before resorting to something more complicated like replacing the whole port.

1. Is the right input selected on your TV?

Sometimes all you need to do is make sure that your TV is on the right HDMI input. To do this, check which HDMI port your PS4 is plugged into on the TV (usually the ports are on the back or on the side of the TV), and use your remote to select the correct input.

2. Is the HDMI cable plugged in completely on both ends?

Another good thing to check is if the cable is plugged in all the way, both into the PS4 and the TV. If the cable is loose at all it could cause the image to not display on the TV.

3. Have you tried using a different input on your TV?

If nothing has worked so far, try plugging your HDMI cord into a different input on the TV. If you plug your PS4 into a different input, and the image still isn’t displaying on the TV, then that is a good indicator that something is probably wrong with your console. On the other hand, if you plug it into a different input and it works, then you might want to avoid using the previous input and get your TV looked at and fixed.

4. Have you tried using a different HDMI cord?

A simple fix may be to try using a different HDMI cord. It’s possible that the one you were using is faulty.

5. Have you tried restarting your PS4?

Sometimes consoles just need a quick reboot to fix the problem. Try turning your PS4 completely off, and turning it back on again.

6. Have you looked inside the console’s HDMI port?

If you have tried all of these DIY fixes and nothing has helped, you will want to look inside the HDMI port itself and see if there is any damage inside of it. Look for broken pins, bent pins, pins that have been pushed out the back, dust, and foreign objects that might be stuck in the port.

Unfortunately, if there are broken or bent pins, you will need to replace the whole HDMI port as there is no good permanent fix without doing so. This process can be quite complicated and will require some soldering skills, so if you aren’t confident in this area you will want to send your PS4 in for repair.

PS4 HDMI Ports

Should I Repair It Myself?

The ports on these consoles can be extremely difficult to repair unless you have expert level soldering and electronics repair skills. Since the only good and permanent fix for a bad HDMI port is replacement of the entire port you'll need to feel confident in your ability to solder the HDMI port correctly. If you don't feel confident in your electronics repair skills it would be better to have someone with more experience perform the repair.

For those who would like to try their hand at replacing an HDMI port, here are the basic steps you would need to take to do so. If you would also like to follow along to these steps visually you can watch this YouTube video that fully shows the HDMI port replacing process.

  1. Take your new HDMI port and file down the two outermost mounting pins a little bit so they have some texture for the solder to attach to.
  2. Put a little bit of soldering flux on the mounting pins. Then, with a soldering iron, place a small amount of solder on the 19 small pins on the port, both on the inside and the outside.
  3. Moving on to the motherboard, use a hot air soldering station to heat up the mounting pins on the old HDMI port attached to the motherboard.
  4. Once the old HDMI port is loose and the solder has liquefied, carefully pull it off of the motherboard. Make sure that the solder has liquefied or else you might accidentally pull up the pads on the motherboard too, which will be a much more difficult fix. Keep your hot air soldering tool over the motherboard and apply a very small amount of solder to the areas on the board where the mounting pins go through.
  5. Flip the motherboard over and apply a small amount of flux to the 19 pins attached to the motherboard. Afterwards, apply a small fresh layer of solder to each of the pins (you may need a microscope for this step).
  6. Flip the motherboard back over and heat up the area until the solder starts to liquefy. Then, push the new HDMI port up into the motherboard with a pair of metal tweezers and let it sit until the solder solidifies. Make sure to put enough pressure while it cools so it can be securely attached.
  7. Use a metal pick to poke at each of the 19 mounting pins on the back of the board to make sure that they are securely attached.
  8. Wait 1-2 minutes for the motherboard to cool down completely, and then place a very small amount of flux on the 19 mounting pins. Slowly and carefully apply a small amount of solder to each of the pins, making sure not to bridge any of the gaps between the pins.
  9. Clean up the flux, and then check each pin again to make sure they are all attached securely onto the motherboard.

Why PS4 HDMI Ports Suck

Here is a great video you can watch that shows what to look out for on your PS4’s HDMI port. You can see what it looks like when pins are pushed out the back, and it describes how that happens.

Additional Help

TronicsFix is no longer offering a repair service, but one of our former repair techs started a business that we highly recommend. Check out the ShaneFix website for PS4 repairs, as well as other console repairs. There’s no need to buy a whole new PS4 when you can save some money and ShaneFix can fix it quick!

Another great source of information is the TronicsFix forum where you can find all sorts of posts about solutions to PS4 problems as well as help with HDMI port replacement.


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