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PS4 CE-35888-2 Error Code Fix

PS4 CE-35888-2 Error Code Fix

Error code CE-35888-2 is a fairly common fault code that can occur on PS4 game consoles. Oftentimes you will find that it happens after the optical drive is replaced or repaired. This is because many people think that they can replace their blu-ray drive with another used one from Ebay or somewhere else, but unfortunately it’s not always that easy.

Things To Know First

To be able to fix this problem you must first know why it is happening. Like we mentioned before, it’s not possible to replace the blu-ray drive with one from a different console without there being major issues. This is because the daughterboard on the optical drive is “married” to the motherboard, which means that there is a chip on the motherboard that talks to a chip on the daughterboard, and if they are mismatched they will not be able to communicate to each other. This will render the blu-ray drive inoperable. (Some consoles without replaced disc drives can also have this issue, but unfortunately there is no known fix if that happens).

The only way to fix this problem is if you still have the original daughterboard that came with your original optical drive (the one that came with your PS4 when it was first purchased from a retailer). If you bought your PS4 online already broken, then that might not be the case unfortunately. This means that there is technically no “easy” way to fix this issue. But, thankfully there is a way around this problem which we will go into detail about below.

PS4 Optical Drive Circuit Board

CE-35888-2 Easy Fix Myth

There is a popular YouTube video that "explains" this error code by saying that the new daughterboard only needs to have matching numbers to the original daughterboard, but this is not true. The numbers on the bottom of the boards only give you a clue as to whether they will interchange with the ribbon cable to the laser in the optical drive. For example, boards that have a “010” or "015" will have a different sized ribbon cable than boards that have a “020” or "025" on them. If your original blu-ray drive has number 010 and you replace the board with another one that has the same number, it will still not work because the replacement board is not married to the motherboard.

PS4 Optical Disc Drive PCB Number Location

How To Fix This Error Code

But, don’t get discouraged! This is the part where we get to tell you the good news. It is possible to replace your optical drive IF you have the original daughterboard. When you buy the replacement disc drive this is where you need to pay attention to those numbers on the daughterboard. The trick is that you need to find a donor or replacement optical drive that originally had a daughterboard with the same number (010/015 or 020/025) as the daughterboard you have now. (See image above for the location of the board identification number you're looking for.)

Once you get it, all you have to do is remove the board that came with the replacement optical drive, and install the board that came off of the donor optical drive. This way the original daughter board (that is married to the motherboard) will stay with the motherboard.

Additional Help

If you have any other questions about PS4 problems, you can check out our TronicsFix forum where you will find community-based discussions about various PS4 problems and fixes. You can also check out ShaneFix if you have a console that needs to be repaired. Why buy a new console when ShaneFix can fix it, quick!


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