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Your DIY Electronics Repair Resource
Your DIY Electronics Repair Resource
Broken PS4? You have options!

Broken PS4? You have options!

If you've got a broken PS4 you have three options for repairs:

  1. Warranty Repairs
  2. DIY Fixes
  3. Independent Repair Shops

While each of these options is great for specific situations they are not all good options in every case. Let's take a look at each so you can decide which would work best for you. 

PS4 Disc Drive Cleaning

Warranty Repairs

Warranty repair is by far the best option in most cases if your console is fairly new. Most retailers offer 90 day to 1-year warranties and/or exchanges so you can usually just take it back for an exchange if there is a problem soon after you purchase it. 

Sony normally offers a 1-year warranty for all of their game consoles. This warranty is good for most anything that goes wrong with your PS4 but keep in mind that this would not cover things like drops, liquid spills, and bug infested consoles. 

If your broken PS4 is under 1 year old sending it to the manufacturer for repairs or exchanging it at the store where you purchased it from is definitely the best option. You'll always want to keep the receipt when you first purchase your console as stores will usually not exchange it unless you can prove that you bought it there. 

PS4 DIY Repair

DIY Fixes

If your PS4 is older than one year and you are handy with tools, small parts, and electronics then you may be able to fix your console yourself. They key here is being realistic and honest with yourself with your skills and abilities. If you aren't good with electronics and/or tools then you'll likely end up breaking it more, causing more damage and costing more money to fix when you send it in for repairs. 

There are lots of great resources for those wishing to repair their own PS4 and one of the best sources of repair info is Youtube. TronicsFix offers lots of DIY PS4 repair videos for those wishing to repair their own device. Check it out here. 

Independent Repair Shop

Independent Repair Shops

Independent repair shops are a great choice for third party repairs when your broken PS4 is not under warranty and you've decided that you can't fix it yourself. 

While we are no longer providing repair services we highly recommend ShaneFix for all your game console repair needs. 

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