Game Console Shipping Kit (Optional) - Including UPS Shipping Label

How to ship your console?

Our optional shipping kit has everything needed to ship your game console to us, including: 

1) UPS shipping labels so you don't pay a dime for shipping

2) A cardboard shipping box

3) Packaging materials (includes bubble wrap and paper for padding)

4) Shipping tape to tape the box securely 

This shipping kit is intended for the following game consoles: 

PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro

Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X

You will receive this shipping kit about 3-4 business days after you make the order. We generally ship them out the same day they are ordered. 

Shipping Kit Instructions

1) Build the box. Use the packaging tape enclosed in the shipping kit to build the box by taping the bottom flaps together. 

2) Put in the paper. Crunch up about 6 pieces of shipping paper and put it in the bottom of the box. This will pad the bottom.

3) Bubble wrap the console. Use one long sheet of bubble wrap to wrap the console one way, then use the other long piece to wrap the opposite way as shown in the photos. 

4) Gently lift the game console into the shipping box. Be sure there is room on all sides for more shipping paper. 

5) Pad the corners. Crunch up the remaining shipping paper and start by stuffing it in the corners between the console and the box. The corners need to be protected really well so be sure that there is plenty of packing material on the corners. 

6) More bubbles. Lay the remaining sheets of bubble wrap on the top of the console. 

7) Tape box and attach the label. Be sure the box is taped across the entire top and along each side. Affix shipping label on the top of the box. 

8) Ship. Drop off at a UPS store location or find your local UPS driver and hand it to them. 

That's it! Your console is headed safely to our location. 


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How to ship your console?

If you've purchased your repair then you're ready to get it shipped out to us. 

  1. Package your device carefully (pad it carefully with bubble wrap...especially the corners) and put it in a box. We recommend a 14x14x6 or similar sized shipping box for most game consoles. Handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS or Switch ship well in a Small Flat Rate box from the Post Office.
  2. Include your order confirmation OR name, return address and phone number inside the box - this lets us know whose it is when it gets here.
  3. Put our address on the box.  Take it to your local shipping company. We use UPS but you can you whatever service you like. Please be sure to pad your console (especially the corners) extra well...we have received damaged consoles from not enough padding.
Our Address:
181 S. Columbia St
Milton Freewater, OR 97862
*Please note, we do not ship back to Military addresses (We've had too many broken consoles.)
*Please note: We use UPS Ground shipping and do not require a signature when delivered. If you would like signature confirmation please let us know. 
Turnaround Time
Our turnaround time depends entirely on which repair speed you choose at checkout.


We offer a 1 business day, 3 business day and 5 business day turnaround times for most repairs.  
You will choose the delivery speed at checkout


Keep in mind that this is just the time for the actual repair. Our free return shipping takes an additional 4-5 business days.
You can also choose faster, paid return shipping.