Xbox One Bug Infested Repair

-The only shop (that we know of) who will repair infested consoles

-We can fix most any cockroach infested console - no matter the problem

-30 day warranty

-Free return shipping - You pay to ship it to us...we pay to ship it back!

Is your Xbox infested with bugs? We can help! As you may know, most repair facilities (including Microsoft) won't touch any console that has any trace of insect infestation. Whether it's ants, cockroaches or some other type of insect, we can get your Xbox One fixed quickly. 
This service includes any repairs that are needed. We do not remove all insects from the console, nor do we clean the console. It is for repairs only. Please remember to seal your console in something like a garbage bag so the insects don't crawl out in transit or in our shop. 

Insects, especially cockroaches, are attracted to the warmth and small, safe spaces inside of game consoles. We have dealt with many insect infestation problems with game consoles and have the experience and equipment to get your console working again. Here are some of the common symptoms of insect damaged consoles.

We will professionally repair your insect infested console and offer you a 30 day warranty. 
We use quality, tested parts. We have repaired lots of cockroach infested and can fix yours quickly and accurately. We use professional tools and equipment and we have the experience to do the job right (We've fixed literally thousands of consoles). That's why we can offer a warranty with our work. If we can't fix it, we won't charge you!

More Information About This Insect Infested Repair

Here are a few things to keep in mind with this repair:
  • This repair (as with all of our repairs) will void the manufacturers warranty. 
  • Please send us the console only. No cords or controllers are needed. 
  • We recommend wrapping your console in bubble wrap and using a 14x14x6 (approx) to ship your console to us. You can also use a medium flat rate box from the USPS...just be sure to pack it really well (especially the corners) as we have had some cracked cases with USPS shipping. 
  • Contact us for volume pricing for this (or any other of our services).